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100 orcs would rape Bane. Don't be silly.

That's besides the point, though, as Aragorn never took on that many enemies at once anyways. Boromir had more than a dozen orcs dead at his feet when he was finally killed, and Aragorn was apparently stronger and more skilled than him. I imagine Aragorn could potentially take on 10-15 orcs at once and have a fair chance of surviving. That's impressive, especially when you remember that some of those orcs were Uruk-Hai, which have the strength to crush a man's skull.

If you think Bane will win then fine. It's just a fun thread over as hypothetical battle. I won't argue over it to a point. I just think you could reevaluate the abilities of Aragorn, because it seems to me that you are underestimating him.
Who isn't treating this as a fun thread?