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    Are you a philosophical person?

    I tend to think and reflect a lot. I like hanging with people who are the same, because usually I feel like people who aren't philosophical just think you're talking a lot of crap and just don't give a damn about what you're saying. I'm also crazy about history, and usually people who are philosophical tend to like history as well.

    I'm good at adjusting to different people though, and sometimes I don't mind just talking about less deep subjects. Infact, I like to sometimes just think less, even with my philosophical friends, and just talk about shallow crap.

    When I'm high for example, I actually tend to like shallow conversations. Sure excessively deep conversations do turn up from time to time, depending who I'm getting high with, but overall I like just talking about useless subjects During the rush though I tend to just utter retarded phrases that make no sense, and hardly pay attention to what anyone is saying I guess getting high is sort of an escape from this deep ass thinking that I have when I'm sober ;p

    Any way, are you a philosophical person? And if you are, do you also prefer hanging with ppl who are the same ?

    edit: should have added a poll! (i know how pointless it would be, but since i'm bored statistics would actually be interesting. also gives the non-philosophical ppl a chance to contribute fuuuck! *tries to find an option to add poll*)
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