Ubisoft has sent out a new survey in which it probes potential routes of development for the next Assassinís Creed title.

The survey asks a series of questions, questions that cover the release of Assassinís Creed III, general satisfaction with gameplay/combat/sequences/story arch, as well as probing for interest in potential features for a future Assassinís Creed game. The survey also attempts to gauge participants interest in potential future outings with Desmond, the general interest in Connor returning for another title and even a potential re-visit to the Revolution/Frontier.

One survey question is directly engineered to asses sparticipants interest in potential co-op features in a future title and specifically asks if gamers would like the ďpossibility for a friend to join the game in order to helpĒ with missions, puzzles and more.

Another question aims to find out whether a yearly release would be welcomed:

Ubisoft also asks those participating in the survey to rate their experiences with other franchises too:

Would you like to see co-op in the next Assassinís Creed game? Or would you like to see a greater inspiration taken from games like Uncharted 3?
Ubisoft, wat r u doin? Ubisoft! Stahp!