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    Do you think people will remember Halo?

    Well, this might be an odd question to ask but given Halo's huge marketing campaigns, movie-like scores and easily-recognizable main character, do you believe Halo will be remembered as fondly as the Mario franchise?

    I mean, if you compare a poorly-aged, by-the-numbers title like Black Ops 2 to a revitalized title [in the Halo series] like Halo 4, couldn't you say Microsoft has the more successful, long-lasting IP?

    I just remember how gaming journalists would throw the Halo-killer buzzword around but it didn't really hit me until now. There are so few gaming franchises nowadays that you can say are as big as Nintendo's Mario or Zelda. You still have people who dislike Halo, sure. I'm not a big fan of it myself but I think I can still admire how large it's become (thanks in part to Xbox Live).

    What do you guys think? Or is it too early to tell?
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