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    Join PSU GHOST SYNDICATE - Official Corporation of!

    EVE Online capsuleer THE DARK HORSE & DUST 514 mercenary THE GREY CARDINAL
    lead PSU GHOST SYNDICATE on a journey to glory and riches in the EVE Universe.


    1) Join the forums and introduce yourself here.
    2) Create your DUST merc HERE and get a free Recruit Assault Rifle and a 7 day Recruit Booster to get started off right.
    3) Boot up DUST 514 and go to your merc quarters.
    4) Press L1 to bring up Neocom.
    5) Scroll down to corporation and select "search" and enter 'PSUGS' and join.
    All I expect is that you become part of the DUST 514 community here so that we can get to know you better and share info and guides etc more effectively.

    The mission is quite simple:

    • To build up a close-knit community of both hardcore and casual gamers in DUST 514 and to help everyone get better and more knowledgeable about the game and its mechanics.

    • To develop a solid forum presence with guides, info and systems that will help facilitate corporation growth and remove the barriers of complication for interested but daunted gamers wanting to try DUST 514.

    Come join us!
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