This thread will include a list, explanation, and discussion for the firmware updates that Sony rolls out. Please list any changes that you find. They will be added to the lists upon confirmation.

Current Firmware

2.01 ~ Released Dec. 4, 2012

  • Fixed problem some had not being able to save via cloud
  • any other changes unknown. Change log not included with mandatory update.

Previous Firmware

2.00 ~ Released Nov. 20, 2012

  • PS+ released for PS Vita
  • Email app added for Yahoo and Gmail
  • Wireless transfer between PS Vita and PC
  • Map app updated
  • Web browser update
  • 1080p movie playback
  • Notification Alerts can be changed in the Settings
  • PSOne screen size can be customized
  • Friends app now can show friends activity
  • Screenshots ability has been improved; no more wait time
  • Friends Requests can no include messages