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we have that

where else would u carry a gun if not in public areas( outside ur house).

In Americuh, certain establishment don't allow guns carry, like school for example.

So in my opinion all these anti-guns ppl just want banning of guns since I don't see what other control they want. Unless they want everyone other than the government carrying .22 only...
Fair enough.

But I certainly am not of the opinion that a bit of restriction (meeting halfway) isn't necessarily "anti" anything.

With respect of course I don't feel that the fact that me having an M249 just because some crazy might have one is any better either I mean, it's not like we have information on who these crazies are (and where and when they will be so we, in turn, can carry our own arsenal - but this isn't the case).

And the only real prevention (that some I believe are alluding to) would be for people to walk around with holsters like a good western film. (which would certainly be entertaining whist ordering a coffee and your barrista has a 357 magnum holstered).

I'd like to make it clear that I'm not having a go at anyone that is pro-gun or even those that want a free for all (before people get all righteous and heated up under their collar).

Just trying to see how people see it.