In a rather classy move, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida recently went on Twitter to proclaim that he's now an owner of Nintendo's Wii U.

Not only that, but even posted his Nintendo ID publicly and was asking for "friend requests," too. Here's his entire tweet regarding the matter.

Got a Wii U (US version), my Nintendo ID is "ShuYoshida", pls send me a friend request so I see you on the Activity Feed.

For those interested in "friending" Yoshida, I regret to inform you that it might be too late as he's reported to have hit his "friend cap" already.

Should Yoshida kept quiet that he got the competition's console? I don't look at it that way, but see Yoshida as being a person who just enjoys games regardless of the platform they're on. But for conspiracy theorists, feel free to speculate that Yoshida got one so that Sony can dissect the Wii U for Sony to copy.

Sadly, we have no word on what Yoshida has been playing on his Wii U and what he thinks of it. For those who managed to add him as a friend, which game has he been spending the most time on?

Should execs continue the trash-talking game that was all the rage back in the Nintendo vs. SEGA days or are you happy that someone as high up in the food chain as Yoshida appreciates the competition's efforts?

His body is ready! Classy guy

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