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    Anybody playing Syndicate?

    Picked it up today, an early christmas gift from a friend, and I figured "YES! The demo, although far, far away, was beautiful and brilliant far as Multiplayer went!"

    After about half an hour in an empty lobby, I gave up.

    Is there anybody in Europe who still plays it? Or do I have to go to the american servers?
    Or did I simply forget to input the Online Pass or something?

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    These kind of games dont normally have multiplayer with legs, sadly. Infact last week I had a hard time finding a Crysis 2 MP match :/

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    Woa! I came on a hunch to check the threads and see if there are Syndicate players and I find this. I am THE Syndicate guy if you plan to get the trophies out the way at least. I play on Saturdays with whoever is on. Our Syndicate is ranked 6th on the leaderboards. Sadly the game didn't sell well (thanks to hardly any promotion and being revealed too late) so there arent many players on at regular intervals. If you want to play, message me at MATTKBAN. Its a great game a few buggy issues but nothing patience cant take care of, haha!

    edit: Before the game launched, someone from EA or Starbreeze (cant remember) came out and said the game will not have an online pass because the coop is a good chunk of the game.

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