Sony and Insomniac. Two companies with a long storied history of ventures together. Originally, Insomniac was one of the developers for the long defunct 3DO platform. However, once the 3DO fizzled out, they moved onto the new up and coming (at the time) system, the Playstation. And thus, the union began. Ever since their first game for the system, Disruptor, Insomniac has had continued success within the Playstation family of systems. Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance were all franchises they've created and these franchises assisted heavily into the growth of the Playstation brand. However, even with their great business relationship, Insomniac has always managed to remain independent, time and again turning down any potential buyouts by Sony.

Last year, Insomniac had announced that they would be going multiplatform. Around the same time, they have made a formal statement saying they would not continue on with the Resistance franchise. This marks the first time since the company's birth that they would work on systems outside of the Playstation brand. At which time, they've joined into the EA partners program and have started development on their first multiplaform game, Fuse, formerly known as Overstrike.

In the beginning, Insomniac's future seemed secure. They now had a second source of income due to being multiplatform. They still had their ties to Sony as they continued with the Ratchet and Clank franchise. And lastly, they still managed to be an independent company.

However FUSE had undergone a radical change in art and gameplay direction over the course of time. And this change had given off very mixed reactions. So mixed that you'd have to wonder if EA had something to do with this change. The freedom that Sony had always given Insomniac simply may not be there with EA. And EA does have a track record of forcing their developers into doing things they originally didn't want to do. So why would Insomniac be an exception to that now that they're in the EA partner program?

Along with the cause of concern come comments from Insomniac's own Ted Price. Originally, he said his company was done with the Resistance series. However, around the same time the success of FUSE became questionable, He made a statement saying his company can very well go back to making the Resistance series.

Ted's Statement:

Then there is the more recent statement from a representative of the company stating that they have no intention of halting the development of Ratchet & Clank games.

So now, their future can very well depend on how much of a success FUSE is. If it's a success, they will more than likely stay a multiplatform company. If not, these statements they've made very recently tells us they have no issues with going right back to working on their Sony owned franchises.

Either way, something may have to happen soon. Because with the next generation looming and development costs rising, if FUSE isn't a hit, Insomniac might have to finally give into Sony's buyout propositions.

FUSE may possible decide the company's fate.

TBH I don't think Sony should acquire IG anyway, their games aren't selling as well as they were 10/15 years ago, they need a new platformer IP and put R&C to rest.