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Um, no I'm not. I didn't say anything about that part of the discussion lol. I didn't TELL you to do anything man. Jesus. It's a figure of speech. Ya know like, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight." I'm not TELLING you not to bring a knife to a gun fight. Get it? Where's a double standard? He said maybe Microsoft didn't want to spend tens of millions of dollars on games people might not buy, like Sony did. Lair is a good example. There's plenty of others. He didn't say that Microsoft didn't ever publish a game that didn't sell well. That argument wouldn't have any supporting idea because they aren't losing to Sony; which is what the topic is.
Gun to a knife fight? Hardly. I brought up a valid counter to something that sounded like a blanket statement to me. And then you tell me not to bring up those games because they arent convienent to an argument that youre agreeing with. lol Whatever.