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    Community Reviews reward graphics

    Hey guys! Cuguy created 4 usergroups corresponding to the 4 rank tiers in the Community Review section. Once placed into that usegroup, reviewers will gain access to exclusive items in the shop. For the purpose of freedom and flexibility, we would like sets including an avatar, a sig (500x200), and a titlebar (500x20) or whatever it's called (like the DS and B'n'W ones)) and an icon so that people can choose how they want to wear their rank in the forums.

    The color of the text and the format of the words is a key part of the design. Each sig should star one of the tier's 4 rank mascots:

    bros of the primordial ooze: single cell organism (hehe), plankton, sea horse, lil fishy - DAA520
    Denizens Of The Deep: pirahna, sting ray, killer whale, great white shark - a9a9a9
    MONSTERS OF THE ABYSS: giant grab, kraken (gigantic ship destroying octopus), leviathan, megalodon (bus sized shark) - ffd700
    D0LPH1NS 0F TEH UND3RW4T3R C4V3: dolphin - 00ccff

    I don't know how many sets we will be able to have in the store, Cuguy is trying to increase the limit of things we can have in the store. Worse case scenario, just one set per tier, best case scenario, all entries can be used. Thanks in advance to all those who choose to attempt this.
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