So I saw this on reddit, and its creator KingNL gets all of the credit for its creation, but I thought it would be interesting to share. Its a BIG image so its going in a spoiler tag.

Now, most games are Multiplatforms.... PS3 has 10 exclusives listed for next year while the 360 has one... YES the list misses out on most PSN/XBLA titles but Its focus is primarily on the big releases.

Its very interesting, the console exclusives are pretty low and I doubt there will be the announcement of any more. So OBVIOUSLY we are winding down for the generation - duh.

But... with the VAST majority of games being over multiple platforms... does that inch us closer to the truth that one day there will only be ONE console? If the difference in games between a PS3 and 360 is so low, why own both?

Feel free to talk about any games the list missed and what platform they are on, discuss anything here really.