By DeviousOne

Brief History: This is the 5 installment in the Paper Mario Series. Paper Mario Sticker star is the first paper mario series to be release on a Nintendo Handheld System.

Story: In this Paper Mario Installment we find Mario, Peach, and all the toads of the mushroom kingdom at the annual sticker fest. Its a gathering to view the sticker comet that grants wishes. Princess Peach is on stage with some toads when the sticker comet lands on stage for everyone in attendance to view. The Moment it lands Bowser appears with his army. Bowser attempts to steal the comment and touches it causing it to break into 6 separate pieces also cause an explosion. Once Mario gains consciousness he finds the sticker fest in ruins princess Peach gone (shocker!!) and Bowser sticker tape everywhere. This is where your adventure begins in a blown up field of destruction, Toads taped to $#@! everywhere, the town in shambles, and 6 worlds to travel thru. So here's your check list.... find out what happened, Find all 6 royal stickers, find the princess, kick Bowser's ass and save mushroom kingdom.

Areas: Once you start your adventure you will travel thru 5 worlds. World 6 consist of Bowser Jr's ship and then Bowsers castle. Along the way you will have the help of Kristi the guardian of the sticker comet. She will give advice along the way also assist you in many ways (not sexually lol).

Gameplay and Battle system: You will navigate on a map like in other traditional 2D Mario games. This is not a true RPG game however does have some RPG elements. You have your action buttons B is hammer, A is jump, X used to sort your stickers, and flip thru your page book of stickers and Y is to go into paper mode which is used to place stickers in spots also to peel away secret pieces to advance thru levels. Now onto the battle system in your travels you will see stickers placed all over the place. You will collect them once you peel them they go into your book for you to use during battle. Not going to go into detail on the types of stickers however its important to always have stickers on you cause if you don't your....F'ed in the A! On Topic...once you get hit by an enemy like in previous traditional paper mario RPG's it will take you to a battle scenario. You always go first with Kristi you can hit X and go into battle spin mode which is a slot machine if you match 2 you get to use 2 if you get all 3 you get to use 3 its that easy lol. Like in previous Paper Mario Games its all about timing if you use a jump sticker and hit A before you land you can get extra hits as seen in the video below.

Also you'll find "things" which can be turned into stickers see the picture below.

These "things" will be very important in battles as well as solving puzzles. There is a total of 64 things in the game to collect.

Graphics and 3D: With the Paper theme its not hard for the 3ds to display the theme. When I play I don't use the 3d feature so I turn it off while playing however I activate the 3d feature for cut scenes and it looks great in 3d gives better perception however is not needed at all in this game when you compare it to other games like Mario 3d land.

Music: Music is typical Mario Music if you will lol. There were some remakes of classic Mario theme. One example in one level your using rail carts and the music is a remix version of the music from super mario 64 when you race the penguin. The theme music isn't annoying and fits the feeling of the game.

Replay Value: I recorded over 20 Hours trying to beat the game. Once you beat the game you can see your stats. Well I saw mine and apparently I missed a lot of $#@! my max HP was only at 56% I only found 50% of the 64 things. So its safe to safe to say ill be spending a lot of time trying to get everything cause I'm petty like that lol. There is a lot to do and find in the game you can easily spend over 40 hours on this game.

Overall Impression: I've been waiting a LONG time for a more traditional like Paper Mario: Thousand Year Old Door. When I first started playing my first few battles I was a little let down however the more I played I got addicted to the collecting stickers and started to like the battle system. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all the puzzles even tho there were times I felt like a complete dumbass and couldn't figure it out so I had to use walkthroughs to get thru the areas I was just dumbfounded by. Once you get the first couple tricks and secrets you'll do better figuring out the future puzzles. I'll be listing a few walkthroughs just in case you get stuck or you can always just PM me lol. Since this game wasn't a traditional RPG I can't complain about lack of group or characters you meet thru the game. Honestly that's the only thing I would ask for hopefully with the "assumed" Wii U version it will be a traditional RPG style paper mario. If you played previous paper mario's you'll enjoy this one for sure. If you have never played a paper mario game this would be an enjoyable game for you as well. I would personally recommend it to anyone that calls themselves a gamer. Its Mario Cmon why not? Lol

DeviousOne Score


Challenging puzzles, Good Story, addictive gameplay and battle system, good humor, and awesome replay value also kudos for going with a sticker theme it works

Not a true RPG, Lack of characters and horrible advise from Kristi sometimes