So I recently went back to Skyrim after a several month hiatus. I'm level 53 Reguard and have gone dual-wield 1 handers or shield/1hander if the situation demands it.

Anyway, I'm getting my ass handed to me by high 'ranked' Dragons, mostly from their breaths, and mages/spell-casting enemies.

I then realised I was playing on higher difficulty so I put it back to normal, but unless I avoid most of the attack the magic users or dragons still burn right through my HP with ease. Physical attacks come nowhere near giving me a hard time

My skill points aren't so balanced as I very early on decided I wanted to max out Blacksmithing to get the dragonplate armor which I am now using. So is it the level scaling that is kicking my ass?

Any recommendations? Should I enchant all my gear with magic res or level up other aspects of my charactar? My one handed skill is in the 90s

I could put the game level down some more but I'd rather not