Some one stole my PS3 60GB model that I got at launch. It's a sentimental thing because my mom actually bought it for me for a christmas present after I told her not to. She camped out at a Wal-Mart to be able to get one. I know I can't replace that one but I'm trying to find one as close/similar as I can. With so many refurbs out there, it can be tough doing it online. It came with the blu ray movie Talledega Nights, and I believe a LAN cable to hook up to a computer or something similar. I talked to GameStop and they will have one 60GB model come in Thursday supposedly not refurbished but just used for $260.00. I'm checking on ebay because there are some listed for cheaper, but I thought I would ask here too.

Anybody got an original model 60GB for sale? I prefer it NOT be refurbished and with all the cords and manuals it came with if possible, and in as good of condition as I can find. I also prefer if the ones that might be for sale not have been shipped off for some repair. Mine was a dream machine, worked perfect without fail. I think the last game I played on it was God of War 3. I primarily used it to play the older release games and ps2/1 and watched some blu ray movies, and I use my slim for all the new stuff out now. It had no features taken away since I hadnt updated it since GOW3.

let me know if we can get a deal going, or you have one for sale you think I may be interested in.
Thanks. Happy Holidays.