I've had the Sony 7.1 virtual surround sound headset for the best part of a year and recently started looking at the tritton AX pro and TB XP500.

I couldn't decide which of the other 2 to go for so bought both.

I've got all 3 setup and can't decide between them which I prefer

I keep playing with the presets on the turtle beach and also adjusting the speakers within the cans of the AX pro but I've got myself in a right spin and was wondering if anyone could recommend the preset they're using for the turtle beach or settings on the decoder box for the tritton?

I've been testing them with black ops 2, listening for footsteps, gun fire direction etc but couldn't determine the best from the 3 sets. I'm currently just getting BF3 up and running and going to try the 3 sets again on here.

Other factors are the tritton is a bit messy, wires everywhere but if they were the best of the 3 I could sort that out and live with it.
It also feels quite heavy on the head.

The turtle beach has minimal wires (power and optical) very comfy, headphone stand and ease of use even with the various presets.

The Sony has a dongle and the headset, job done. Comfy and recharges from USB.

I'll give the other 2 some more time and play with the settings trying to get them spot on but at this rate I can see both of them going back and just keeping the Sony. From the reviews I'd read I thought I'd notice a huge difference as soon as I fired them up but at this point in time I don't think the Sony headset gets the credit it deserves.

Will carry on and let you know what he outcome is and any tips/suggestions would be great.