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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    It's pretty clear which of the two bring more unique and new experiences to the table, I think you need to step back and take a look yourself, this isn't subjective at all, it's clear as crystal Sony have taken more risks this gen with new IPs and ideas.
    Whatever, lets cut half there offerings of the table as derivatives of established genres and you are left with Farenheit 2 and LBP.

    Who developed the third person cover based shooter? Wasn't Sony.
    Who risked an established genre by making an RTS out of it? Wasn't Sony.
    Who created an entire genre out of a bunch of piniata's growing a garden? Wasnt Sony.

    What outside of LBP did they do that was risk taking and genre defining?

    Where can you play a console version of the biggest phenomenon in a long time on? Not Sonys.

    Keep your plethora of shooters.

    I will give Sony props for wrapping up Fahrenheit 2 though.

    BTW MAG, LAIR, Socom were not risks, there were just poor executions.
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    I am no longer participating in these forums, I wish all of you on the PSU Forums the best for the future.

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