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So Home wasn't successful even though it continually posts millions of dollars in profit? How much do achievements make?

Apart from Shadow Complex those games don't even come close to Sony's platformers. You'd have to go back 15 years to see some REAL platformers by RARE, they're nothing compared to what they used to be, ask anyone who has played their games from the beginning.

You tell me.

Removed the shovelware, I didn't list any so you cant either. (I actually forgot infamous in my previous post but oh well), that goes under Action/Adventure anyway though, sandbox isn't really a genre but more of a design, otherwise you could put Fallout, World of Warcraft etc. under it which makes no sense.

They fit under casual, and they were pretty much ideas that came from Sony who took the risk with them first, funny that.

A Sony zealot? lol you're one to talk with your head shoved so far up Microsofts ass in pretty much any thread. I own plenty of systems/games/accessories from many different companies and don't feel the need to defend them as much as you or some others on here do.
How the $#@! is kinec t sports shovelware?

The game got favorable critical reception as well as sold a lot of copies.

If that the case than sports champions shouldn't be on your list.

Just because something doesnt appeal to you doesn't make it shovelware.

Sesame street once upon a monster is made by one of my favorite developers but it doesn't really appeal to me. My cousin loves but he's five and playing it and just by reading on its development it was made with young players in mind with adults in a supplementary role.

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