For now we can keep this as anime and manga and if theres enough demand we can always make this anime only and have a manga thread.
all manga discussion in spoiler tags please

I only started One Piece recently ( around August this year) and I'm glad I did. Before this the only other weekly anime/manga I watched was Naruto.

So for those that haven't watched it and enjoy Naruto I would highly recommend it since right now I can't pick which series I like more.

I've written up some info on the anime for those of you who know zero about it;

I got into the anime by randomly deciding to watch the latest episode( ep 556) which was so wacky and epic at the same time that I knew I had to start watching. I then watched random vids of the funny moments so far( put both vids below) XD Also I had alot of friends who watched and read it, that it was only a matter of time.

For me episode 24 was the "mojo" moment, that episode really hit the hype for me and I knew it was only gonna get better from there

The vids I watched before starting:

For those still deciding on whether to watch it or not and dont mind spoilers you can watch this music video which skims through it in 6 minutes ( contains all the big spoilers of the anime though). I did not watch this before starting so only watch it if you are ok with knowing all the big moments in the anime.