New Video Game System Silently Released Last Week

If you thought we were done with new consoles in 2012 then you would be wrong! A new video game console was released last week that Iím sure many of you have fond memories of with its precursor.

In a world where online games dominate itís unusual to have a reboot of a retro gaming system. Thatís right the new system released on December 18, 2012 is the Neo Geo X! I think I was surprised just as much as you are.

The Neo Geo X is a new handheld version of the 90′s Neo Geo gaming system. Itís a premium system for playing retro games on. If youíre a fan of the Neo Geo then this could be for you.

The system itself has a 4.3 inch screen and is a quite nice looking unit. Itís got 10 input buttons including an 8-direction dpad. I know it looks like a joystick but it acts like a dpad. The system also icnludes a mini-HDMI and A/V output, so you can play it through your TV.

Original Neo Geo

Here are some games to check out if you are looking to pick up the system. Metal Slug is a fast run n gun side scroller with a good sense of humor. King of Fighters 95 is a samurai fighting game. Nam-1975 is a third person action shooter with lots of weapons, environments, and enemies; this is definitely one of the better games to check out.
Metal Slug

The Neo Geo X is a revival of an older gaming console. Itís interesting that this 90′s system was re-released as a handheld many years later. If you like retro gaming or have a nostalgic need for the system, then it may be a good idea for you otherwise itís just another console reboot.

I am just hoping this is true or at least a early april fools lol