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    Rate Actors And Actresses

    This is were you rate the actor's or actresses of the silver screen

    i have so many, so i will post a few here

    1. James Cagney 10/10. He had raw talent no one had, he had honest presence on screen and believable roles he played

    2. Ginger Rogers 10/10, she was on top of every role she played and touched so many hearts with here heart felt roles

    3. Gene Kelly 10/10, was a talent on to himself, he knew the business so much that it never fully changed him

    so you post you're rated actor's and actresses
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    I'll let you know.
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    Jodie Foster: Not only is she an amazing actress, but she's also my crush. I love this woman so much. I want her. Shame she's a lesbo.

    Cate Blanchett: Such a beautiful woman. I want to $#@! her passionately every night, while her hair is crimson red like in Benjamin Button.

    Robert Downey Jr.: Not only is he the perfect Iron Man, but he's also a $#@!ing amazing person. Here's a druggie who hit rock bottom and got back up in a big way.

    Jeff Bridges: A classy man. He's the most interesting actor in the world. The Big Lebowski. Watch that movie.

    Russel Crowe: A badass amongst men. See works like Gladiator and The Next Three Days

    Mel Gibson: Before he was crazy, he was awesome. Mad Max is how I will always know him. He's my child hood hero because of that movie.

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    Tom Hardy and Heath Slater both notable for their bad guy portrayals in their respective Batman films................Mark Wahlberg is a very versatile actor, from Shooter thru Max Payne, to forgotten gems lie ' Rock Star' to comedies like Ted
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    ^^ of course, tom hardy batman role was good, but his performance in martina cole's ' the take' is what brought him to the worlds attention...and its the role that, imo, is his best work. $#@!in fantastic...

    Jeff bridges. He has been in some great movies, but as he has said himself, the dude is where he found comfort..and it shows. Such a good actor and allround top top bloke.

    Lee van cleef. Too awesome for words...

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    Daniel day Lewis - a pure chameleon of an actor, a truly talented spirit. Love him as bill the butcher in gangs of NY and as daniel plainview in there will be blood. Also if you haven't seen him in my left foot l would definitively recommend it

    Clint Eastwood - hard as nails!

    Patrick Swayze - theres something about watching a patrick swayze movie, l just become deeply engrossed in it, a lot of characters he portrayed had a rebellious side but also soft side too, which he nails every time. RIP PS

    Michael Caine - a living legend. If you haven't seen dirty rotten scoundrels and enjoy comedies and michael caine, this is your go to flick

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    Would these be our favorites? My favorites would definitely be Robert De Niro, Humphrey Bogart, and Jack Nicholson. Favorite actresses are Jessica Chastain, Meryl Streep, and Sissy Spacek.

    All would be 10/10 I suppose?

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    Cary Grant - Brilliant in movies like "North by North West" "To catch a thief" even "an affair to remember"

    Una Stubbs - Probably best known recently for Playing Sherlock's landlady

    Meryl Streep - Always a good character and voice actor.
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