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    A New Year Is Nearly Upon Us ( Resolutions People )

    So changes you want, can, will, hope and fail to stick to next year

    Me i am going to lower my drinking to 3 times a month and stop the spirits also not go out and get smashed when the night is amazing.

    I am changing my diet from what it is now to a diet of healthy and goodness food, no more takeaways or crisps or chocolates and little sweets...

    I am changing my attitude in every respect, i stink of the way i am and how i add and offend and go to far when i react to situations...

    I am going to lose some weight, i am at the moment a reasonable 13 stone and it's all in my belly, i want to get down to a 11 and a half stone. I know it will not be that hard, but i am a sucker to the devils treats..

    I am going to get my finger out and try and get a job, instead of a job here and there that i am at right now... I know it will be extremely hard and a test to my attitude and the way i view things. But it is so needed

    I am going to get out even more and see what's out there... I want to meet more people and open my mind to new things and new minds..

    I want to go out with a lady and settle down and have a great relationship.. .I want to make 2013 the year of my long life on this planet and teach myself to love others and the world more again and understand it's a wonderful place to live in and good things happen to good, honest people and that could be me again

    I have let myself fail in many ways and i need to fix this, before i am completely lost and can not find out who i use to be before... I have lost that thing that made me who i was over 2 years ago

    So what about you.. What's you're changes for the future
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