Activision's Call of Duty franchise may seem to be one of the most profitable gaming franchises in history, but now that they are at nine games and counting, what else can they do? They've delved into the two World Wars, fictionalized World War III, along with a futuristic, Sci-Fi driven World War IV...

The franchise, in my opinion, has been seemingly dry after MW2... But what DRIVES people to buy this game? The highly addictive multiplayer modes that have been tweaked bit by bit through the years? Or is it the blockbuster, action-packed campaign? Or maybe its the thrilling zombie and other survival modes? Either way, one way or another, the game over sells its competition, monopolizing over other game publishers in the shooter genre... When does the hype end? Sales wise, the franchise has no equal, but there are PLENTY of game titles that have better graphics and performance levels out there in the market. I've played all the Call of Duty titles, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare did set the new standard for First Person Shooters at that time, but how far can they take it now? The formula has been slightly tweaked to appease its consumers over the years, but what will happen when Activision loses its seat in the throne? How will they adapt? Will they create another huge success, or will they cross the Rubicon and take the irreversible step?

If Activision decides to make a tenth installment in the Call of Duty series and not let the series die with dignity, their choices are pretty slim. Matter of fact, Black Ops 2 was already a farfetched concept, but it still pulled through and beat its past sales records. They can make:

Black Ops 3
Modern Warfare 4
Futuristic-er Warfare? (Like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier/ Halo Clone)
OR SOMETHING COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE (ie American Revolution, American Civil War, etc.)

Can you imagine playing Call of Duty: American Revolution? Your killstreaks are cavalry, support cannons, and it takes three minutes to reload your musket. How fun would that be eh? Or what if they went the extremely futuristic approach, where it meets Mass Effect, Halo, and Killzone? What is your take in this? What will they do next? It could be a parody or a serious matter to you, but as an avid gamer, even I am left clueless with what they'll do next. I hope to see some funny responses