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Sony = sadist because they launched a console a year late, priced it at $600, and gave it the most difficult CPU architecture known to man.
Sony created a new processor that was nothing more than what developers were eventually going to be dealing with on PCs in a couple of years with multi-core development. So the argument about the difficulty in developing for it was pointless by the 3rd year after it was released when companies were releasing Intel dual-core and quad-core PCs (heck even the 360 is technically a dual core just not as sophisticated and has a modified PC structure that was more familiar looking to lazy developers). As for the $600 price tag, if people can justify paying 500 bucks for an iphone, the PS3 was easily worth the money at the time but sony just didn't know how to properly market it. When half the intended consumer base still didnt know exactly what their fancy futuristic premium machine was capable of more than a year after it was released you have a marketing problem.

As for MS they have the "Games for Windows" brand which is essentially a software xbox live, so as long as developers have that on their game box MS still sees money. In fact they could easily have stayed OUT of the console business entirely and simply developed a gaming environment within all PCs similar to steam and or even what they're doing now with Win 8, saving themselves a lot of trouble, but the xbox exists for no other reason that Bill Gate's ego and his monopolistic mindset to crush every industry he didn't already control, he specifically wanted to take over console gaming and he couldn't do that from the PC, so he disguised a PC as a console.