What with the news that Sony Japan is no longer producing PS2 consoles, we've started to reminisce.

By the end of the week, we'll have a feature that includes the thoughts of PSU staff members on the PS2 era. What were our favourite games and fondest memories?

We'd love you to join in on the forums, but we'd also like to publish two of your responses within our article. We'll pick our favourite two among the team. Just a couple of paragraphs will do. Just write from the heart!

Here's mine...

"I put money aside for months to ensure I had a PS2 at launch. I think it cost around £300. As with the PSOne and the PS3, thereís something magical about unboxing a new console for the first time, booting it up and familiarising yourself with the dash before testing out some of the launch games. I can remember unpacking the PS2 with the enthusiasm of a 7-year-old at Christmas; I even ripped the box in the process.

My most potent memory comes from one of those launch games. The frantic first-person shooter gameplay and futuristic comic-book style setting of Timesplitters was right up my street and I spent hours upon hours in Arcade mode against bots and real players and then trying to complete all of the challenge modes. Timesplitters 2 was even more fun, and such are my fond memories of the franchise that Iím one of the many that has signed the petition to try and convince Crytek (formerly Free Radical Design) to bring the series back. Even if it does, I doubt it will ever be the same as those fantastic PS2 days."