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We've thrown up a new Spotlight article focusing on FFVII's answer to Mr T., Barret Wallace.

Comfy? Good, then put your feet up, grab a cup of Earl Grey and join us as we extol yet another of the PlayStation brandís most iconic characters. Last time around we scrutinized sultry spy Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, and this time around weíre putting on our retro caps for a look at Final Fantasy VIIís trusty sidekick, Barret Wallace.

Hot tempered, burly but underneath possessing a heart of gold, FFVIIís answer to Mr. T remains one of seriesí most enduring sidekicks. As the first character you encounter in the game, Barret accompanies Cloud through the bombing mission in Sector 5, where he cements himself as a valuable alley. While he might not be big on Materia, Barret more than makes up for it in sheer physical strength, and his penchant for wielding an assortment of mean weaponry on his prosthetic gun arm makes him a great long distance fighter.

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