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    [McDonalds] McRib community review

    In all of the 30 years of my life. I've never had a McRib sandwich.

    Today was a very hectic 10 hour day at work. So half way thru the nightmare of the day I had decided to finally after 30 years of life have a McRib Sandwich!

    While I was in the drive thru line I wanted to know what all the hype was about this thing. I finally get my McRib and open the box.


    The box was full of BBQ sauce I had to take off my dress shirt and eat this thing with so much ease I couldn't enjoy it like I would a Big Mac.


    I bit into this thing expecting it to taste some what like pork but it tasted like a Hotdog with massive BBQ. I was very disappointed and instantly regretted my decision.

    DeviousOne's Score


    + it comes in a box

    + Limited time only

    + no Dolphin Meat (that I was aware of)

    - taste like a hotdog

    - messy

    - Disappointed me and wasted my lunch break eating it
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