I'm thinking of traveling the world to study. What do you guys think about it? I have always wanted to do this.
What added the fuel to the flame was i was on my facebook yesterday, and i saw one of my close friends speaking with a boy about "good times." I clicked on the boy to see if i knew him/to see who he was. I went on his picture and he was in Japan! I looked all around in his picture and i was amazed. Everything is so different from my small town, Laurel Hill, NC, and i wanted to be there so bad.There's so much more to this world. It's almost inconceivable for me that these places exist. I know they're there but it's kinda like when i rode in a helicopter for the first time. I knew the helicopter could fly, i just didn't sink in until it did. (Amazing thing by the way. Try it) Anyways, what do you think about it? Do you think it's too expensive, do you think follow your dreams, or do you just don't give a f**K?