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    blacksite or someone else, could you merge all gta v threads into one please

    Now since i have posted a new screen shot and links to different sites that include the official gta v main site and GTA V base twitter account...

    and i posted in the gta v screens shot thread that the cover is being revealed coming in a month or so. I feel it's time for an official merging of all the threads relating to GTA V

    so no confusing is started and no one looses out on actual info on what is happening coming up to the release of GTA V

    please and thank you.. Because their is no point of the rumor of a release date being in one thread when the screen shots are in a different one

    I feel it would be better if GTA V rumors and real info was all in one thread hench an official gta v thread

    what do you think
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    I'll merge them with dc89's thread and update the OP when I can but only because we're 3-4 months away from the game's release.
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