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    Infraction for Silver_Knight: No Trolling, Rule 4.

    Post: Bad news for myself.
    User: Silver_Knight
    Infraction: No Trolling, Rule 4.
    Points: 10

    Administrative Note:
    Trolling other members to garner attention

    Message to User:
    After discussing this with the other staff members, we've come to the conclusion that a temporary ban is the best course of action for you to truly think about how you played with other people's emotions by falsely claiming you were diagnosed with cancer.

    I was seriously considering leaving this at a public warning but your comment in the counting thread shows us that you really don't care. To put it simply, grow up. Take this 7-day break to think about what you did.

    Original Post:
    Alright, guys. Y'all are gonna hate me a little bit. I don't have any kind of cancer. I was just f**king with you or at least that was the idea. Also, i wanted to see if Kuro and Itachi would come first to this thread. It was to see if anyone cared
    I forgot that some of you has had family that has/have cancer. I feel like a douche because i feel like i am belittling them (I'm not), but i feel that way. Bad joke on my part. Peace, love, and chicken grease. At least i know you guys will be there. :P

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