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Thread: Lets talk KSG

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    Lets talk KSG

    So recently I decided to try shotguns. Hey one hit up close sounds good. So I unlocked this and started to use it. Awesome was doing great. Then I notice something. I was shooting a guy, often two feet away from me and he was not dying. Ok maybe lag lets check kill cam. Nope showed I fired on him but didnt hit him? Odd. I notice this a bunch more time then recently a guy was sniping, I was right by him but just out of knife range so I shot him, missed, shoot again, miss, then again miss, then finally hit. I was using red dot and long barrel so I should have no issue. So is this normal for shotguns or is this a big time bug? After I went back to iron sights and appeared to be doing better.
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    the KSG isn't like the other shotguns it is a slug round and you need to ADS a little longer than you would with any other shotgun for it to be more accurate. I notice if I try quick-aim and shoot it often misses but if I ADS longer and be more precise with my aim it works better. I also think it is terrible when there is a certain degree of lag.

    I don't like it. It is very inconsistent in my opinion because of those reasons.

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    The KSG only fire one bullet so there isn't any of that up close and personal spray. Personally i find the first shotgun to be the best out of all of them
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