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    "Surprise scoop" on "long awaited title" in next Famitsu


    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, apparently.

    Or Resident Evil: Revelations for consoles and PC. I'm not sure.


    Here we go again. This week’s surprise Famitsu scoop, teased last week, appears to be Killer is Dead (Suda 51′s new game—stay tuned for an update on that) (or it could be Kamen Rider, I’m not sure). But Famitsu has another surprise scoop for next week.

    “Surprise new scoop,” reads the magazine. “New activity regarding that popular series? The information will surprise you!”

    The issue will also have the latest report on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

    Thanks, Game Nyarth.
    via Gematsu.

    Next week’s issue of Famitsu will have a “surprise scoop” on a “long awaited title,” the back-pages of this week’s issue teases.

    “The silence is broken on a long awaited title,” reads the magazine. “Information will be revealed at last.”

    Additionally, the magazine will also have a “Huge Capcom Project” and Sony Computer Entertainment interview.
    via Gematsu.

    I'm actually hoping it's Persona 5.
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