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imagine if Sony didn't launch at $599
Imagine if every media outlet wasn't putting the PS3 down every two days
Or making a dedicated channel on their site not to the oldest, most loved games maker Nintendo or the 2 generation ruling PlayStation
But to Xbox?
Or the marketing push MS had in highstreet stores (the biggest game store in the UK had a whole floor just for the small amount of Xbox games they had)
MS had fantastic marketing, media love, ease of development and a year heads start on top of their competition having everything that could go possible wrong happen to them.
In short MS had a GTR with Nitrous and Sony Evo X that stalled, had tire blowout, had to pit in and still catched up
If anything someone should make a "Hitler YouTube vid" on how the $#@! MS $#@!up such a easy win
Although 360 is a success compared to Xbox
But nextgen its gonna be back to square one
Wii U is not counted out in my book, but Sony will have to $#@! up again for MS to have as much chance they had this gen
Then again they might prove themselves to not need it and make the Xbox version of the PS2 and dominate the market
But please don't make out MS had disadvantages with the 360 because they didn't, they should have sold 30mill then Sony this gen or Sony should have sold 30mill less
Take ya pick
I'm personally don't know which console I'm getting nextgen, PS4 is said to be more powerful but its the games and MGS ain't exclusive as far as I know so its only Uncharted, GT and GOW holding me
Lets the games begin!
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Playstation is a titan amongst brand recognition, it take a lot to kill a titan.

I would say this coming gen, they are both easily recognisable brand names now.