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I've read some of your posts in other threads and understand that you consider yourself intelligent and clever, a true wit, even--but look beyond your stupidity to read what I wrote, and the manner in which I wrote it.

Did I compare it to previous games? No. In fact, stumble through past threads regarding this title, and you'll see I mentioned my curiosity stemming only from NT's involvement, due to my enjoying their past games. Then you must understand that I was comparing the writing to Enslaved and Heavenly Sword, not DMC games of past. THEN sift through everything I've written in this thread thus far, and find me a word other than "silly" that shows my bemoaning this game juxtaposed with games past. I believe you will find that you can't.

Thank you. I look forward to the next post in which you whet your inexhaustible intellectual prowess.
well..that was a round about way of telling someone to f*** off. Typical douchey "u think your smart,but im smarter than you--look at the colorful words im using to reply" remark.