At least a couple of reviews are a bit harsh over DmC's frame rate on the PS3. One points out that it's a common issue of Unreal Engine games on PS3. Well, no doubt. Unreal Engine, despite being the king of publicly available console game engines across platforms, is, being an Epic product they use for in-house development, optimized for their cash-cow IP, Gears of War titles. If critics haven't noticed, there are no Gears of War titles on the PS3.

I watched my son play the demo. I just didn't see it. I thought it looked great. The whole fluid integration of interactive gameplay and cinematic sequences, etc. Granted, I'm terrible about these things. I hear people talk about a game, graphics barely acceptable by early console generation standard, and if I like the gameplay, I tend to think it looks just fine.


Seems to show that, possible frame-rate issues aside, the PS3 version certainly looks a lot better in texture and model detail, and elements of art direction, like color, etc. Note that some of the PS3 images look kind of dark. That site doesn't apply any changes to in-game gamma or contrast settings, so that accounts for darker PS3 images and can be adjusted to the player's preference.

I'm not taking sides. Really, I'm not. I have an Xbox 360 and I have a PS3 and I tend to go through long runs playing one or the other but I don't have a pattern of overall favoring one above the other -- save for PS3 exclusives; I think the body of PS3 exclusives is better than the body of Xbox 360 exclusives when you consider all of them. But from the image comparison it's pretty obvious there are unique advantages to the PS3 over the Xbox 360, too. And I think calling attention to one platform's particular shortcomings begs the game critic to point out the other console's flaws as well. I'd have expected something more like, "While overall graphical presentation on the PS3 is more detailed, somewhat more robust and appealing, the Xbox 360 version excels at maintaining a steady frame rate with little screen tearing, which may be an important factor for some players, especially heavyweight action gamers."