My copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified showed up in the mail today. Normally I buy CoD games within the first week of their release, but when I found out there were no zombies in this game, I decided to wait.

I won the game on Ebay for $17 and thought I got one hell of a deal. Popped the game in and had a 371mb update to do. This is a serious update for a game that is less than 2gb.

I fire the game up and immediately I notice how hard it is to aim. I then come to find out that I can not even change the sensitivity of the aiming. Ok, I guess I will learn to adjust... I start playing my first mission, I detonate 2 of the 3 bombs and then died. I have to start completely over in the mission. No checkpoints....

I know I only spent $17 on this game, but I already feel like I spent too much on it. So now comes my question to you guys. Do you feel like you got suckered?