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    Is that Xbox 720 architecture diagram? Looks like a monster with parts ahead of time

    This is the latest rumor. The guy thinks his source is too good to be true:


    Could this be true???

    So Xbox 720 hardware is on this diagram:
    - super advanced tech by IBM-AMD-MS. Design started back in 2007 as you said in 2010.
    - It has APU+GPU on every SOC(system on a chip).
    - It has 2 of this SOCs
    - Each CPU in APU has 8 cores with 4 thread in each. So tolal we have 2xSOC x 8Cores x 4 threads = 16cores x 4thread=64 threads.
    - Each GPU in SOC is 8xxx GPU(Mars or Venus) with advanced tech not available on PC some time
    - Each SOC has 1.5Gb of GdDR5 memory with additiond 5 gb of shared ddr3/ddr4.
    - Each SOC has EDRAM. Previosly you said about 110 mb
    - Xbox has some other hardware features. Like RayTraycing chip(VTE on this picture).
    - The goals of the system design are - universal for different type of tasks, easy to parralellism, easy to fully load, zero bottlenecks an future proof as Xbox 360 design with low energy consumtion..
    - Some part will be upgradable later.
    - It should be about 4+terraflops. Of couse it will be better of every high end PC available in 2013-2014 and maybe 2015. With optimisation it have to be on pair with PC 8 years.
    - There will be Kinect 2.0
    - There will be illumiroom tech as additional feature after the launch.

    Sources said Xbox will be 2-3 time more powerfull than PS4. Most of this tech will not be available on PC and is very custom.

    Here is some quotes from around the net as informations started to flood:

    I guarantee you, Microsoft's next system will be able to do things your current computer does not have the resources to do, d I say th knowing some of you folks have monster PC setups. (Dunno about Sony, I know next to nothing about their system)
    the GPU is different than the 8800, it's 8770 ghz editon + ray tracer, but yes the Durango will blow the PS4 out of the water.
    We'll hear more about both systems and comparisons will be made as we get closer to E3.
    Detailed Analysis

    That what i meant, there is no proof MS will use Jaguar type CPU
    THe one that got seal of approval is (Neogaf really like this spec, because rather weak)
    - 8 core Jaguar
    - 8 GB DDR3
    - etc

    All rumor especially the newer one never said about just one type of memory
    because there will be eDRAM so MS will use DDR3

    Actuaaly there is more more updated xbox next spec but the general tone
    will be Combined DDR3/4 and HBM type memory + EdDRAM
    There is some custom function that there won't be even at Highend current PC GPU

    Also there will be some custom function that rumored related very much
    to Eric Mejdrich Xbox SOC Architect, Ray Tracing patent

    Parallelized Ray Tracing

    Ray tracing image processing system

    i will show some interesting on his patent
    BTE & VTE, VTE related to GPU or Custom GPU to do Vector Troughput engine

    First we must discuss BTE (basic Thoughput System)
    consist of Multicore CPU

    BTE building block
    Basic BTE building block on Eric Vision
    per BTE = 2 CPU Core, Per CPU Core = 4 Thread, total 8 Thread per BTE = 2 Core

    Then BTE complete CPU Block Eric Vision
    has 4 BTE + Shared + etc
    = 8 Core = 32 Thread

    BTE In More detail
    *)i have to put as usual link (limit of 7 images)

    Now VTE
    VTE = Vector Troughput System
    Part of Ray Tracing Image Proc. System

    Part of VTE function, ray tracing etc

    VTE Block

    Per Block Consist of
    3 VTE + 1 Workload Manager

    Some Example

    *)Now Check The A & B above look how BTE consistent with 8 Core , at above example it is 4 Thread per core
    *)Interestingly whether BTE or VTE, shown as scalable , or more than one

    Durango’s devkit features a “monster” 16-core IBM PowerPC CPU
    Now Check at April there is consistent rumor of Xbox next 16 Core processor

    *) BTE is scalable , based on A & B, i assume they use 2 SOC or MCM or whatever, assume per MCM hold (read A& B above) 8 Core
    the fun thing is it can be PowerPC or AMD x86, the consistent part it will be 8 core per MCM

    Most fun part is also consistent with newer rumor, that it will include the VTE so , It is Uknown that VTE blovk will be on MCM or there will be at least 3 block of MCM

    so there is 2 MCM of = 8 core (BTE's) + eDRAM + GPU + 1.5GB GDDR5
    plus 1 MCM of VTE , if VTE will be put outside the main MCM
    plus 5GB of DDR3/DDR4 or HMC (high speed bus)

    *)also 3GB is standadr for 384 bit, just google beyond3d or there is plenty of explanation why 384 = 3GB or 6GB
    *) also if you look closely at early xbox surface rumor you will see the odd 1.5GB why because they will use 2 MCM (at that time they only 6 Core) = 12 Core, 2 MCM = 3GB of GDDR5
    *) also look at Xbox rumor surface again you see the 5GB as DDR3/DDR4

    It could be looks like this
    This is XBox next (probably the VTE will be include in each MCM eventually, but now i imagine as separate Function/DSP)

    So xbox next could be , This is Just Simplified diagram, also
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    --Kaz Hirai, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment

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