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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost-Rhayne View Post
    Sony relies heavily on retail so they cant go giving you super cheap prices cause then thgey $#@! on retail and then retail gets all "2 retailers 1 cup" on sonys ass. Just buy retail!
    retailers have little power in the equation though. go back 4 years and i'd agree with you, but most are going out of business. in the last week both blockbuster and HMV have gone into administration here, with GAME suffering similar last year. and these are BIG businesses here. i can't think of an american or norwegian (?) equivalent, but they are/were large high street stores

    your 'wallmarts' of the UK are just playing at it and really couldn't give a $#@!, as demonstrated by their loss leader pricing and terrible displays.

    the age of gaming retail, or at least their power, is done. its why they rely on 2nd hand sales and why the industry is desperate to wipe that out. its the only thing between them and direct sales.

    *edit: in another thread i said that i was going to start a new topic on this. why are people not more indignant about the price of map-packs, HD remakes, DDs? we are forging our own (expensive) future. please, for the love of god, STOP buying things that you CLEARLY know are a rip-off.

    the odd HD remake is fine, if its a good game, but we all know when something is too expensive.
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