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well, its not possible to believe all of them, because they are contradictory.

all i am saying is that it IS very easy to dismiss some because they are clearly plagurised from uninformed sources who are seeking attention. i'm not dismissing the whole 3Soc idea, but i very much doubt a 3/4TF machine with raytracing (although RT has a little merit due to dev comments, but not much). i also don't believe the blitter bollocks.

and unfortunately, as this whole architecture came from 1 rumour and 1 'insider', these pieces of information do devalue the whole "leak" when compared to other bits of information we have that seem to coroborate each other.

just because we can't know for sure, doesn't mean we have to allow logic to go out the window and start running away with every and any speculation that suits us. obviously the source matters. noone is going to take this post and start tweeting about how the new PS4 beams pictures directly into the brain, just because i mention it here. why is that if everything has merit?
I couldn't agree more.

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