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    Special Zod Giveaway *live*

    Hello Puny posters on PSU

    Due to the posters birthday being next Wednesday, I general Zod have stolen money off the pathetic fool, as he does not deserves gift's, only I deserve gift's, and now to mock him I shall give it away to you all, there shall be a $20 PSN card given away, entry ends Monday *Due to delays, Good luck everyone and KNEEEEEL

    Entries must have 500+ posts.

    1. Silver_Knight
    2. jj03
    3. Deviousone
    4. Nitey
    5. RyanGT
    6. Blacksite
    7. RaY
    8. Fenix
    9. AaronSoldier
    10. DjPenny
    11. Sylar
    12. Sir_Scud
    13. Kuro
    14. Monkeyclaw
    15. Naxi
    16. Tej
    17. Ghost-Rhayne
    18. Rapture
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    Thank you itachi

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