Temco Koei will publish Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk in Europe and North America. While Tecmo Koei is handling the title’s distribution, NIS America did the localization work. Atelier Ayesha will only have English voiceovers.
Atelier Ayesha stars Ayesha Altugle who has been living alone in her workshop ever since her grandfather passed away and Nio, her younger sister, went missing. One day, Ayesha went to to gather medicianl ingredients and Nio disappeared. Ayesha has been making a living selling medicine, but one day she discovers her younger sister is alive in the world. Ayesha vows to find Nio and you can help her on March 5 when the game comes out in North America.
Update: Despite what Tecmo Koei EU’s Twitter says, we have just received a note from the developer that Atelier Ayesha will not have dual audio for the EU release. We will have more information about Atelier Ayesha’s US release later today.
Atelier Ayesha will be released in Europe on March 8th, 2013, as revealed by Tecmo Koei Europe today.

Like its predecessors, Atelier Ayesha will feature dual audio tracks, but in-game text will be English-only. We’ll update you with U.S. release details once they’re made available.

In addition to Atelier Ayesha, dates for other Tecmo Koei games that are due to release for Europe in Q1 have also been shared. Here’s an image from Tecmo Koei Europe’s Twitter account that summarises their key releases:
I am still going to play this game regardless, but it sucks for the hardcore fans that there is no duel-tracks and may not even have a collector's edition.

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