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    I can't find a topic anywhere, started playing last night great game, graphics are top of the pops. I haven't played online yet so looking forward to that. I'm only in the second chapter "killing that king". I can't seem to kill him and get to the exit without being killed!


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    Make sure you've taken out the 2 guards walking around before you go for him. Also follow him for awhile, he'll take you to where it's easy to kill him without anyone noticing. But if you do get noticed, just hide in the dumpster near the door of where you're suppose to go and wait until you're clear to go. And if you're still struggling, just go on YouTube and look at walkthroughs, they'll help.

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    Almost got the plat for this and can see me carrying on with it afterwards, I think its absolutely brilliant.

    For killing the king of chinatown I poisoned him if you know where the poisonous fish is, contaminate the food that he has while he waits for the drug dealer. If you follow him he will take you to where he eats so you know for next time and if you dont know where the fish is I'll explain.

    Doing that net me just over 265, 000 points on purist having completed the 36 challenges for the percentage score modifier

    Other ways are poisoning his coffe, luring him back to the drug dealers den (with the dealers disguise) and poisoning the drugs plus more.

    The main thing about the game is patients. Thats my biggest tip. Walk around, find what might work, watch people's actions, see where they go and if something starts to get out of control then restart checkpoint and try to not make the same mistake.

    Another easy way for killing the king is keep walking straight passed him and go behind a mesh fence that is near your exit (there is a blue bin you can enter but its not needed) then in about 3 minutes time the king will walk passed you after eating some food and stand under a crane that has a pallet and weights attached to it thats just waiting to be shot ooops what a accident... teehehehehe

    This is from the poisoning method:
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    I miss good old Hitman1. Climbing the roof and assembling my rifle for the first time was so awesome

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    Funnily enough I have just started playing Hitman Absolution, since I got it for Christmas. I'm having difficulty on how to play the game, as it is my first Hitman game.

    How are you supposed to play the game? I know your an assassin , so that means doing kills without being seen, but the game gives you so many weapons and then you use them and get minus points. This confuses me a little so some advice here would be nice.

    Also alot of the missions obviously involve you killing someone, but I end up just waiting around for them to go out of plain sight or to walk to a set piece for when I can kill them, for example walking to a hole in the ground so I can push them. Is this the right way to play Hitman or am I playing it wrong?

    Many thanks

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