Well, my phat PS3 the 60GB model that died 3 and half years ago, and I had to send to Sony to fix the problem which it was yellow light of death. As I said last month when I have upgraded my PS3 HDD from 750 to 1TB and I have lost all my games on my phat PS3 the 60GB model and I have bought 90 percent of PSN games as Iam a collecter like to keep games. But there is an issue. Since the begining of the last year which is 2011 my PS3 fan is getting very loud and I started thinking that yellow light of death will occur again as the solder balls under the GPU and CPU will be melted as I have played a lot on it, and since than my PS3 keeps making same sound. Should I redownload all my games or no? Because I don't want to waste my GB of internet usage but I don't no what to do to say the truth. I kept thinking since last summer that my PS3 will die but it didn't and I kept playing on it a lot but still its working fine. Even yesterday I have played BF3 online for 1 hour and the fan sound was like FEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA loud and after I stopped playing. The fan sound went back to normal FAAAAAA. So, I don't no what to do. Should I redownload all my games again? Will my PS3 will survive or no?