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Unless you can only afford X amount of games a year i don't see why this is a bad thing - Assassins Creed only got as big as it did with yearly releases and without them by the developers own admission they said it wouldn't get to where it was. Lets be honest, if most games knew they could get away with it you think they wouldn't?
Yearly releases do not build anticipation and frankly it's not enough time to "forget" the gameplay and miss it. Getting away with is not really a point in CoD's favour. There's games like GTA that could do it, but do not. Each game is much more distinct and hasn't worn the franchise out.

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Can't tell if you are being serious or not.

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Nothing compared to CoD's 9 releases this gen. Assassin's Creed has the advantage of actually feeling a lot different with each numbered release. CoD's evolution is much smaller, even with a greater number of games.