Meet the85-Year-Old Who's Addicted to PlayStation 3

Posted Mon, 21 Jan 2013 | 13:15 GMT by Sammy Barker

Old school

While most pensioners keep their minds active with Sudoku and Countdown, Hilda Knott is a touch more adventurous. The 85-year-old is a keen PlayStation 3 gamer, with an enormous library spanning mainstream favourites such as Grand Theft Auto IV and more hardcore hits like Disgaea 4: A Promise Forgotten. She’s even a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Knott has been playing video games for over 40 years, but she still gets plenty of pleasure out of finding new things in her favourite titles. “I enjoy getting to the next stage or the next event,” she told BBC News. “I also like having the achievement of finishing the game.”

Asked whether she thought playing video games kept her mentally active, Knott added: “Definitely, yes. A lot of [games feature] puzzles where you have to work out how to do something and when to do it.”

The technologically proficient pensioner also enjoys playing games on her iPad, making her officially more hip than us. You can catch the full report through here. Areany of your grandparents keen gamers? Let us know in the comments section below

Just seen this on the news and she was playing GTA IV

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