Ni No Kuni Tops UK Sales Charts

Namco’s Ni No Kuni is this week’s best selling videogame. The game, which we talked about in some detail here, is a beautiful looking Level 5 developed role playing game with oodles of simply gorgeous Studio Ghibli animation thrown in.
“We expected good sales as the pre orders were close to shipment,” said Namco Bandai’s UK marketing director Lee Kirton. “In the end we have created a demand for this amazing game and have stock going out to channels this week.
“We have focused PR, marketing and the community has been brilliant. We have been solid with communication and reviews in the UK have been astonishing. We are very pleased, but ultimately it’s down to an incredible game from Level 5 and some strong communication from me and my team.”
Last week the game suffered from a broken download on the PlayStation Store, with many gamers frustrated at not being able to play the game despite several lengthy downloads. That issue is now fixed and the downloads (and pre-orders) are working fine.
Downloads aren’t counted in the official UK sales charts.

Does the game pick up speed? I tried the demo and it felt very slow and that put me off.