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The mystery of which THQ franchises are being sold at auction today may be solved. Mere moments ago, we reported on the legal action being taken by South Park Digital Studios to protect and retain rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth, an Obsidian-developed role-playing game based on the hit TV show. Closer examination of the complaint filed in the US Bankruptcy Court of Delaware by South Park Digital Studios may reveal which THQ franchises are up for grabs.

The complaint is addressed to THQ Inc., et al., Debtors, and begins as follows: "South Park Digital Studios LLC (“Licensor”) submits this preliminary objection and reservation of rights with respect to the Debtors’ proposed asset sale . . .". A footnote on the first page elaborates on the et al. notation, which refers to THQ, Inc. and all other Debtors in question. The other Debtors are: THQ Digital Studios Phoenix, Inc., THQ Wireless, Inc., Volition, Inc., and Vigil Games
How does everyone feel about this? Sad to see Saints Row and Darksiders (possibly) go? Glad that Company of Heroes and others were spared?

Personally, I'm OK as long as South Park: The Stick of Truth makes it through unscathed.