The*Persona*brand is arguably the strongest brand from Atlus and their parent company Index Corporation. While we havenít seen a brand new Persona*title for a couple of years, the*Persona*team went on to develop the unique block climbing game Catherine.*It looks as though Index could be taking the*Persona team and giving them their own studio. A trademark for ďP StudioĒ and a logo was discovered by Siliconera in Japanís trademark database.***Index filed the trademark for use with video games and online games so we can rule out their animation department.*Update:*Siliconera reader, Combo, points out that the P Studio logo is on the back of the*Persona 4: Arena*box. That confirms that the studio is indeed connected to the*Persona*games and that itís been around for a while now.
A studio just for Persona a huh that be sweet..