The day has come. THQ is effectively no more, and the majority of the once-profitable publisher's franchises, studios, and rights have been sold at auction to some big names. Ubisoft. Deep Silver. Crytek.

I want to open this thread up for discussion, based in part on my feature (linked below), but also directed at the fallout and implications of the sale as a whole. What are you excited for? What bums you out? Here's the place to talk about it.

And, I would love, love, LOVE anybody who might read my feature and offer feedback. What we do at PSU is for you, our amazing community, and there's no better place anywhere on the Internet.

Today's auction of various THQ intellectual property rights has ended, and news is pouring in of franchises and future games that will be henceforth published by other industry giants. Until just recently, the identities of the IPs and studios for sale was unknown (though we speculated that Saints Row, Darksiders, and MX vs. ATV would change hands). Now, we have a clear picture of where our favorite franchises will be going, and how much each company paid to acquire them.

The next few years will be very interesting indeed, as a whole host of sequels and titles-in-progress will now be published under different corporate umbrellas. Let's take a look at each successful bid, and examine what each sale means for the industry moving forward.